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Spaceflight Honeycomb Composites Press

Spaceflight honeycomb vomposites press is specially used for laminating aluminum alloy foil on aluminum honeycomb panel, paper honeycomb board and enamel honeycomb panel, high speed train inner board, light-weight aerospace composites, carbon fabric composites. After hot laminating press, the product is light weight, moistureproof, durable and non-deformation. honeycomb new material composite lamination press is best choice for laminating new generation of environmental material.

The host of honeycomb new material composite lamination press is the overall frame structure, use high quality section steel welding and forming, the hot platen is designed for dual oil circuit. Two in two out, uniform temperature.

The eight teeth bars were used to synchronize the isodirection and balance function, Prevent the hot plate from running and ensure that the hot plate is relatively parallel.

carbon fabric composites laminating press.jpg

light-weight aerospace composites laminating press   .jpg

The aluminum honeycomb panel can be varied according to the true wood, aluminum plate, gypsum board, natural marble stone, all can be made into a honeycomb plate, the material choice is convenient.


Application of Polymer Honeycomb Lamination Press

1.  Aviation manufacturing

2.  Buses, trains, subways and rail vehicles

3.  Ship building

4.  Interior decoration works

5. Building curtain wall wall hanging board


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