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Flooring Overlay Paper Wearable Paper Anti-abrasive Paper Impregnation Line

Flooring overlay paper/ wearable paper/ anti-abrasive paper impregnation line. Horizontal two step impregnation line is for gluing melamine on the decorative paper to make the melamine paper. Paper Impregnation line is used for decorative paper with Urea or Phenol or Melamine resins. Such impregnated overlay paper is used for making laminates or in pre-lamination of particle boards overlaying.

Impregnation line is used for secondary processing of man-made  board.It is suitable for man-made board processing industry.To impregnate and  dry surface paper, balance paper, wear-resistant paper; furniture décor paper,  HPL surface & core papers for laminating, with melamine resin or its  modified glue or urea resin.

 According to different processing technique, Impregnation line is  divided into one step impregnation line and two step impregnation line.

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 Flooring Paper Impregnation Line Main Processing As Following:
 Raw paper roller→unwinder→tracor(first)→prewetting→penetration→impregnation→measurement(first)→wipe(first)→dryer(first)→cooler(first)→web
 Aligner(first)→coater→measurement(secondary)  →wipe(secondary)  →dryer(secondary)  →cooler(secondary)  →web  aligner(secondary) →tractor→cutter→conveyor→stacking  lifter
 Horizontal Two Step Impregnation Line Technical Parameters


Applicable productsLaminated flooring and  flooring tissue paper,fireproof plate,bending plat, compact  grade laminate, physical and chemical plate.Wood grain paper, abrasion paper,  kraft paper,overlay paper,aluminum oxide paper,wearable melamine paper,etc.

Overlay  Paper Impregnation Line Specifications

     Working width/raw paper width

1300(DP1500B 4’)

1500(DP1800B 5’)

1850(DP2000B 6’)

2150(DP2350B 7’)

2450(DP2700B 8’)

Mechanical speed


Gluing quantity/glue pick-up


Heat source/media

Thermal oil boiler

Heat capacity/consumption

400 000kcal/h(DP1500B 4’)

500 000kcal/h (DP1800B 5’)

650 000kcal/h (DP2000B 6’)

750 000kcal/h (DP2350B 7’)

850 000kcal/h (DP2700B 8’)

Power supply

380V 50Hz 410/440V 50/60Hz

Install capacity

~45Kw (DP1500B 4’)

~60Kw (DP1800B 5’)

~75Kw (DP2000B 6’)

~80Kw (DP2350B 7’)

~95Kw (DP2700B 8’)

Horizontal Two Step Impregnation Line Application:
 1. Wear-resistant  surface paper -- mead or other raw paper with Al2O3 impregnated MF, used for  laminating flooring
 2. Impregnated  decorative paper - special decorative paper impregnated MF, used to laminating  flooring and furniture (impregnated MF or UF)
 3. Balance paper  –special paper impregnated MF, used for laminating flooring

Detailed  Description About Two Step Impregnation Line Equipment

Unwinder: placed at the front of the inlet part of the unit,it is a special  equipment for leveling
 Impregnationsection:impregnating the raw  paper.
 S  roller: 2 chrome rollers are driven by a 1.5kw  motor,which is controlled by 1 inverter, transfer the paper from the unwinder  to impregnation section.
 Coated  back: 3 root of chrome rollers, 2 wrap angles which  can adjust paper and backer roller by hand wheel .it is driven by 1 set of  converter
 Breathing  section: consists of two bending rollers that can  be raised or lowered by the motor. The speed of the bending roller is  controlled by a frequency converter
 Extruded  glue: The extruded roller is driven by universal  joint, and the linear speed is adjusted by the inverter
 Wipe  roller: 3 chrome wipe rollers are controlled by 3  sets of motors and 3 sets 1.5 converter,it is used for improve the gluing  evenness of the impregnated paper surface.
 Plastic  basin lift: driven by air cylinder
 Glue  pot: Double layer structure design, inner layer  with 3mm stainless steel, outer with 4-10mm carbon steel, maintain the glue  temperature through hot water or cold water, the bottom with 4 wheels can be  conveniently dragged out to clean it.
 Automatic  dryer section:3+5 total 8 section,every section is  3.75m
 Each  oven section includes: upper and lower air box ,1  set hot wind pipe ,1 set upper and lower nozzle,2 automatic door lifted by  cylinder,1 set air heater ,1 honeywell Pt100 thermal resistance for temperature  measurement, 1 honeywell temperature control meter to show and control the oven  temperature .2 pieces radiators
 Anilox  roll coating machine: Upper is coated by measuring  rollers, and the lower is coated with anilox roller. The paper roller is driven  by the cylinder to up and down. The wipe roller is used to improve the surface  quality of impregnated paper.
 Cooler  :3 air doors:1 air door is placed at air inlet to  control inlet air volume .2 others are placed at wind pipe with connected  nozzle.
 Web  aligner:1deviation adjusting frames driven by  electric motor;2 chrome driven rollers,use 2 photoelectric switch detection,  and driven by motor to adjust; 1 cylinder for lifting or lowering the roller; A  tension control mechanism is used to automatically control the tension when the  paper running.
 Paper  pulling machine:1 root Ø 200 mm chrome pulling  paper roller;2 rubber rollers are used to press the paper, which is raised or  lowered by 4 cylinders.;1 set of pullingpaper chain for tensioning device;1 set  4KW motor is used to drive the pulling paper roller, and it is adjusted by  inverter;1 set 2.2 KW motor is used to drive the pulling paper chain, which is  adjusted by inverter.
 Cutter  system: Cutting Max length :2500mm;Cutting Min  length:150mm;Sample length<200 mm;cutting precision:±3mm.
 Conveyor  table: customized
 Stacking  system: Fixed, with two shelves ,produced as  customer requirement.
 Electric  system: Main control cabinet is about 2880 x 650 x  2,100 mm, internal switch button, PLC, inverter, temperature control meter,  voltage meter, fuse, intermediate relay, contactor, indicator light, etc .
 4  operation screen:
 1 impregnation station operation screen
 1 coater station operation screen
 1 paper pulling operation screen
 1 paper cutting operation panel
 Performance  guarantee:
 Average operating speed:over 30 m/min
 According to the following conditions:
 Decorative paper 80-90 g/SQM
 The gluing quantity 130%
 The solid content of glue is 55% / 60%
 Volatility 7 %
 Evenness degree of gluing: lateral  accuracy±2%/ sqm.
 The temperature of the drying oven: about  130-130 ° C
 Quantity of moisture: 12,000m3 /h
 Power demand: about 70 KW
 Oven heating time: about 20 min

Quality  control of production process
 1.  Paper quality and impregnation process:
 In order to ensure the quality of  impregnated paper, unqualified paper can not flow the production line.In the  impregnation process, sampling inspection every half an hour. Guarantee the  glue pick-up quantity in 130% ~ 150%, the volatile content from 6% to 7%, less  than 65% of the precuring,after impregnation and drying the coating paper  immediately packed with plastic film and use glue stick to seal;storage  temperature at  20 - 25 C, 55% 65%  humidity, warehouse should have air-conditioning , storage time should not  exceed 3 months.
 2.  Substrate quality
 The base material of veneer man-made board,  commonly used medium density fiberboard and particleboard. For particleboard,  should according to the different requirements of customers purchased, but  particleboard products must meet GB / T4897-92 standard. Requirements for  substrate quality: The surface should be smooth and clean, water stains and oil  stains are not allowed, make sure the right size. The thickness deviation of  sheet shall be no more than + 0.2mm, and the sand blasting is uniform, and sand  leakage is not allowed;The water content of plate should be controlled within  6%-10% range.
 3.  Hot-pressing process
 The hot pressing temperature is mainly  catalyze the chemical reaction of the impregnated resin, that is for  accelerating curing. High temperature is beneficial to release after pressing,  and can shorten the cycle of hot pressing and increase production. The proper  pressure can ensure good combination between the substrate and impregnated  paper. The time of hot pressing depends on the curing speed and temperature of  the resin. Generally, it should be between 40 and 50s.

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 Packing  & Delivery
 Packaging Details : Package of impregnation  line decides to customer
 Delivery Time : 3O days after payment

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 1. Q:Where is your factory located? How can  I visit there?
 A:Our factory is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu  Province, China. Near Shanghai. All our clients, from home or abroad, are  warmly welcome to visit us!

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 A:Has its own factory production, the product  through the ISO9001 system, the same quality products the best cost-effective.

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