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Melamine Paper Impregnation Line for Furniture Board/ Decorative Paper/ Flooring Surface Paper Production

As the most widely used material in furniture, flooring, molded door and other decoration field, melamine paper comes from special impregnation line, also it is called melamine paper impregnation dryer, phenolic paper impregnator. These impregnation lines defines two kinds, one step phenolic impregnation line and two step melamine impregnation line.

As  the most widely used material in furniture, flooring, molded door and other  decoration field, melamine paper comes from special impregnation line, also it  is called melamine paper impregnation dryer, phenolic paper impregnator. These  impregnation lines defines two kinds, one step phenolic impregnation line and  two step melamine impregnation line. With updated technology, we have innovated  impregnation line to be gas direct heating model, high heating effective  without thermal boiler; arm-radial shaft-less unwinder, logo printer,  synchronization cutter and air driven sheet cutter also adopted to be a full  automatic production line.

 To  match high speed requirement, our impregnation line can offer speed of 30M/min  to 55M/min for two step melamine line and 75M/min for one step phenolic line.

Horizontal Two Step Impregnation Line.jpg

Melamine Paper Impregnation Line.jpg

 Two  step impregnation line gives the production of melamine formaldehyde glue décor  printed paper, it is surface impregnated paper for flooring, furniture board;  impregnation doctor roller or glue pick-up roller is wearable stainless steel,  serve driven and adjustment on line.

Horizontal Two Step  Impregnation Line Main Processing As Following:
 Raw  paper roller→unwinder→tracor(first)→prewetting→penetration→impregnation→measurement(first)→wipe(first)→dryer(first)→cooler(first)→web
 Aligner(first)→coater→measurement(secondary)  →wipe(secondary)  →dryer(secondary)  →cooler(secondary)  →web  aligner(secondary) →tractor→cutter→conveyor→stacking  lifter


 Impregnated material :high、low  pressure melamine resin, urea resin and phenolic resin;
 Main product: Wood  grain paper, abrasion paper, kraft paper, furniture melamine paper, decorative  paper
 Applicable productsFurniture board, laminated flooring,fireproof  plate,bending  plat, compact grade laminate, physical and chemical plate.

 Furniture Melamine Paper  Impregnation Line Technical Data

     Working    width/raw paper width

1300(DP1500B    4’)

1500(DP1800B    5’)

1850(DP2000B    6’)

2150(DP2350B    7’)

2450(DP2700B    8’)

Mechanical    speed


Gluing    quantity/glue pick-up


Heat    source/media

Thermal    oil boiler

Heat    capacity/consumption

400    000kcal/h(DP1500B 4’)

500    000kcal/h (DP1800B 5’)

650    000kcal/h (DP2000B 6’)

750    000kcal/h (DP2350B 7’)

850    000kcal/h (DP2700B 8’)

Power    supply

380V    50Hz 410/440V 50/60Hz

Install    capacity

~45Kw    (DP1500B 4’)

~60Kw    (DP1800B 5’)

~75Kw    (DP2000B 6’)

~80Kw    (DP2350B 7’)

~95Kw    (DP2700B 8’)

Horizontal Two Step Impregnation Line Application:
 Furniture melamine  paper dryer; decorative paper production line; furniture melamine paper impregnation  line; melamine synchronization paper impregnation line

Melamine Paper Impregnation Line Fuction  and Feature:
 1. The system use  advanced one step impregnation and two step impregnation technology, with high  precision metering roller and anilox roller, it can precisely control the glue  quantity, gluing uniform and continuous adjustable;
 2. The  transmission roller and the heat fan are controlled by high efficiency and  energy-saving inverter, Low energy consumption, stable synchronous speed and  low breaking rate;
 3. Use RS422 and  RS485 technology to realize man-machine interface(touch screen),PLC and  communication control of inverter, instead of traditional panel control,  greatly improved the digitization of whole machine, with good anti-jamming  performance and  ensure the stable of  system;
 4. Industrial  modular design, simple human - machine conversation,rich prompting information;
 5. Coding  technical is used on cutter system, high precision and good accuration;
 6. High precision  PID is used to control the temperatureof dryer;
 7. Online adjust  the synchronization rate and system parameters;
 8.Searching and  statistical production reports of day/month/year.

Finishing Products


 Why Choose DIPUER
 a. Extensive production experience: Jiangsu Dipu  Industrial Co. Ltd., is more than 15 years old now, As the Brand of “Dipuer”  came into being, she is well-known consultancy firm in basic woodworking  machinery, she presents full solution of high grade melamine paper impregnation  line, full automatic short cycle laminating press, high pressure laminating  press from A to Z, filled all equipment in operating plant.
 b. Complete production facilities: owning CNC  machine center, constant temperature testing press, flame cutting machine,  gantry type milling machine, heat-conducting oil unit, radial drilling machine,  sand-blasting room, spraying room and other advanced equipments. Our technicians  will do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work  well.
 c. Strict Physical/Chemical testing  procedures: meeting the requirements of the product design and process, providing  reliable testing data.
 d. Short Delivery time: 45 days after  get 30% deposite
 e. Safe packing: Standard export  package or as customer demand.
 f. Best after-sale service: Over 60%  products are sold to the Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe, and all  products are trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Packing & Delivery
 Packaging Details  : Package of impregnation line decides to customer
 Delivery Time :  3O days after payment

Packaging and Shipping.jpg


Our service:
 Equipment installation and  Commissioning:
 Guiding  installation on site, assure installation accuracy; After commissioning, run  the equipment with material to reach production capability, achieve stable  operation rate; maximize the production ability by optimized adjustment.
 Consulting and Technical Support:
 By Calling E-mail  or any other method, quickly response and diagnose the troubleshooting and  problems; on-site maintenance; training service.
 Remote control Support:
 By connecting to  the HMI and PLC control system (option) on site, achieve assisting customer to  deal with the emergency on site, help customer to check and optimize program.
 Technology Upgrading:
 According to  customized needs or equipment updating needs, by new technology, new product,  new equipment and system optimizing, upgrade the existing equipment(such as  improve working speed, increase production capability)
 Spare Parts:
 Dipu provide full  spare parts and wearing parts, can quickly send out them to customer in time  and guarantee the quality.

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