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A box wall for dipping paper drying box
Jan 15, 2018
The box wall of a drying box for dipping paper is used for the wall of the drying box of the impregnated paper including the outer wall and the inner wall, the insulating filler material is filled between the outer wall and the inner wall, which is characterized in that: the insulating filler is prepared by the following steps: (1) The batching: The 20‑60 of the perlite rock; the swelling perlite 30‑80 Hollow glass beads 10‑30, glass fiber 20‑30, clay clinker 15 ‑ 30, talcum powder 18‑40, dolomite powder 1‑5, water glass 2‑4, phosphoric acid trisodium 5‑10, (2) grinding closed perlite rock, expanded perlite, Hollow glass beads and glass fiber: will close perlite rock particle size grinding to 20‑80um, will expand perlite particle size grinding to 0.15mm‑5mm, the hollow glass beads of the particle size grinding to 30um‑60um, the glass fiber particle size grinding to 30um‑60um (3) Dilute the dolomite powder and water glass and add foam to the foaming machine; (4) Adjust the speed of mixer to 70‑100r/min, add 50‑120 water, will grind good closed perlite rock, expanded perlite, hollow glass beads and glass fiber into the mixer, and continue to stir 30min‑60min; (5) Adjust the speed of the mixer to 220‑300r/min, add 20‑40 water, and add the foam to the mixer, add clay clinker, talcum powder and trisodium phosphate, stir 30‑40min, and (6) discharge.

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