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Advantages and applications of high speed short cycle lamination press line
Sep 07, 2018

The production equipment included in the high speed short cycle lamination press line mainly includes: veneer press, loading and unloading machine, plate roll conveyor, pneumatic system, lifting and storage plate. The press adopts an inclined equidistant feeding method to ensure the quality of both sides of the slab. Among them, a new type of rubber compound is also used. In fact, the key processes in the production of laminate flooring are mainly focused on hot pressing, cutting, cutting, and chamfering.


A significant advantage of the high speed short cycle lamination press line is that the loading and unloading machine drive adopts the currently popular servo control mode. The imported high-speed servo motor enables the loading and unloading machine to operate accurately and reliably at high speed with high control precision. Usually the single laminator hydraulic system uses a high pressure short cycle press.


Usually we use a high speed short cycle lamination press line to press the paper veneers onto the upper and lower surfaces of the wood-based panel substrate. High-pressure short-cycle presses are generally used for pressing true wood grain, hand-grain and chamfering. With the research and promotion of high-speed short-cycle laminating production lines and production technology, the impregnated film-finished wood-based panel industry has developed rapidly, and the manufacturers of laminate flooring have emerged, providing greater demand for the decorative paper industry, downstream industries. Development has promoted the development and progress of the decorative paper industry.

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