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Advantages and supply advantages of melamine paper plywood lamination press
Feb 07, 2019

The key point in the laminating process of the melamine paper plywood lamination press is the pressure control. The higher the pressure, the better the quality of the product when it is used. The pressure of the melamine paper ply laminator should be stable and the pressure control accuracy should be smooth. To be high, the constant pressure time should be accurately controlled, and the product should be evenly pressed in all directions. In order to meet the lamination process and product production requirements, the main design of the equipment should include the loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system.

Advantages of using melamine paper plywood lamination press
1. Heat the water in the container to a constant temperature.
2. Product loading, sealing head down.
3. Set the working pressure, constant pressure time, and apply pressure and pressure.
4. Automatic pressure relief after pressure keeping is completed
5. Sealing the indenter rises and remove the product

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