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Advantages ofLight-weight composites lamination press and careful segmentation design
Dec 27, 2018

TheLight-weight composites lamination press has high precision, high strength and durability. The heating system has been carefully segmented, with low energy consumption, uniform heat conduction, adjustable temperature, uniform heat preservation and temperature difference within ±3 °C. The main hydraulic parts of the hydraulic system adopt imported parts, the pressure is adjustable, and the oil cylinder is processed by precision CNC machining. It adopts imported oil seal and has no oil leakage phenomenon. Automatic control, with a single push of a button, complete the whole process of platen rise, close, pressurization, pressure holding, timing, and platen lowering.


Advantages ofLight-weight composites lamination press

1. TheLight-weight composites lamination press is made of high-quality national standard steel plate and is welded at one time. The structure is simple, the design is reasonable, the rigidity is high, the strength is high, and the bearing pressure is large.

2.Light-weight composites lamination press adopts PLC control system and some imported hydraulic parts, with high automation, strong reliability, convenient adjustment and long service life.

3. Assembling domestic advanced hydraulic stations and high performance cylinders, and waiting for the introduction of high quality, low noise hydraulic pumps.

4. The hot plate is made of high-quality steel, which is made by drilling and polishing. It has good thermal conductivity.

5. There are automatic and manual conversion functions to meet the needs of users.

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