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Aerospace Honeycomb Board Press features and process advantages
Dec 26, 2018

The Aerospace Honeycomb Board Press is very suitable for the glue and the film process when it is used. The honeycomb plate which is effectively pressed by the hot pressing or the cold pressing combination has good bonding effect, high flatness and no deformation. The aviation honeycomb press uses professionally pressed aluminum honeycomb panels, plastic honeycomb panels, paper honeycomb panels, etc. The honeycomb panel products are characterized by light weight, moisture resistance, durability and non-deformation.

Aerospace Honeycomb Board Press features

1. The press hot plate is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, the surface is finely ground, the flatness is less than 0.1mm; the surface roughness is 1.6.

2. The maximum thickness difference of the lead-pressing experiment is 0.2mm.

3. The insulation is even and the temperature difference is within ±3 °C.

4. The main cylinder adopts imported new type seals, no leakage, and the running resistance is small.

5. The cylinder rise speed is adjustable.

6. PLC programmable control, easy to operate.

7. Touch screen can accurately display and accurately record production process parameters such as temperature, time and pressure.

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