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Alluminum Honeycomb Multilayer Press Application and Cleaning Requirements
Apr 13, 2018

During the use of the aluminum honeycomb multi-layer press, the bakelite part of the jig must be cleaned in every shift during the operation, and it is replaced in a certain extent to about 6 months. The aluminum honeycomb multi-layer press is To a certain extent, it is necessary to effectively inspect the actual temperature of the thermal head and the setting temperature. If the difference is too large (≥30°C), check the surface of the indenter for cracks.

Whether the thermocouple of aluminum honeycomb multilayer press is normal or not, under normal circumstances, whether the indenter is properly tightened and whether the indenter and the fixture of the product form a level to a certain extent. When operating, the oil is mainly in the air. And moisture, vacuum valve should be cleaned once a week, cleaning should pay attention, first shut off the gas source, remove the vacuum valve, use compressed air to clean, clean, install the valve and then open the gas source.

Application of aluminum honeycomb multilayer press

The aluminum honeycomb multi-layer press is mainly used for the prefabrication of the surface of the prefabricated product to effectively apply various decorative materials, its pattern thermal transfer and patterning, so that it can be used to flatten the veneer to some extent. , After the heating plate forming speed, high production efficiency, widely used in furniture manufacturing and its plate production industry.

The clamp balance of the aluminum honeycomb multi-layer press is checked once a day to ensure the quality of production and protect the life of the indenter. Check the screws of the indenter regularly, whether the screws of the fixture are loose, and whether the positioning screws and the buffer position are proper. Aluminum honeycomb multi-layer press hot head should be cleaned regularly, industrial alcohol can be used, or Ashton at least once every class to clean to ensure product quality and head life.

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