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Aluminum honeycomb panel press equipment and product features and how to buy
Jun 15, 2018

The aluminum honeycomb panel press is a press that manufactures a honeycomb panel, which is an aluminum honeycomb panel. Therefore, it is in the large area of the press and is a type of press, but it is only used on objects. This is for aluminum honeycomb panels. Therefore, this kind of press is not as extensive as the ordinary press in the scope of use, and it is also relatively single in the product.


1. Product description of aluminum honeycomb panel press

The product of aluminum honeycomb panel press is aluminum honeycomb panel which is a kind of honeycomb panel. This type of honeycomb panel is mainly used in civil construction and vehicle and boat decoration, as well as in other fields. Its production technology, the use of hot press molding, because it can make the aluminum skin and honeycomb have a higher heat transfer value, and make the inner and outer aluminum skin can synchronize thermal expansion and contraction. In addition, there are small holes in the honeycomb aluminum skin so that the gas in the plate can flow freely without any problems.


The panel of aluminum honeycomb panel is generally made of high-quality 3003H24 alloy aluminum plate or 5052AH14 high-manganese alloy aluminum plate. The thickness of the panel is 0.8-1.5mm, and baking and other treatments are performed. The bottom plate thickness is 0.6-1 mm, so the total plate thickness is about 25 mm.


2. Purchase of aluminum honeycomb panel press

How to buy aluminum honeycomb panel press? This problem should be given attention because it concerns the normal use of the product and whether the user can obtain good economic benefits. Therefore, it cannot be handled sloppyly and carried out. In considering the factors, there are mainly five parameters: product parameters, origin, price, quality, and manufacturer. In addition, consider the market conditions of the product so that you can accurately position yourself.


3. Aluminum honeycomb panel press equipment features and product features

The product of aluminum honeycomb panel press is aluminum honeycomb panel which is a kind of honeycomb panel. Therefore, its product features are: light weight, strong durability, good moisture resistance, and it is not prone to deformation.


The characteristics of aluminum honeycomb press machine equipment are as follows:

(1) The press body is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, and the surface is finely ground to obtain good flatness and surface roughness.

(2) It can evenly heat and control the temperature difference well, and the range of temperature difference is small.

(3) The main cylinder of the aluminum honeycomb panel press adopts imported new seals, so its running resistance is small and there is no leakage, and it can be adjusted on the rising speed of the cylinder. In addition, the device as a whole, you can also use PLC programmable control to simplify the operation, improve work efficiency, and at the same time, reduce the manual operation strength and labor costs.

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