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Analysis of performance characteristics of Heavy Duty Flooring Lamination Press
Jul 12, 2018

The heavy-duty floor laminating machine is mainly used for forming heavy-duty plates. The machine is mainly composed of fixed beams, guide columns, pressure plates, movable beams, auxiliary cylinders and main working cylinders. When working in a heavy-duty floor laminating machine, a web or the like is placed between the two plates, then heated and pressurized, held at a pressing temperature for a while, and then cooled to take out the product.


Since the heavy-duty floor laminating machine is provided with a plurality of movable flat plates between the upper and lower beams, each layer can be put into a web, and after pressing, a stack of products can be obtained at the same time. Usually, the total pressing force of the machine is usually 10000kN, 15000kN, 20000kN, 30,000kN or more. Among them, a commonly used laminating machine of 20000 kN has a movable plate composed of 18-20 layers.


In actual production, the heating of the heavy-duty floor laminator feed piece is actually achieved by press plate heating. The heating method of the pressure plate is steam heating and electric heating. In comparison, the steam heating temperature is constant and can be cooled by water. The electric heating heating speed is fast, but the cooling is complicated.

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