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Analysis of production process of phenolic black paper impregnation line
Aug 31, 2018

In the current market, impregnated paper is widely used. At present, most of the impregnated paper production adopts one-stage or two-stage dipping, and the process is not complicated. In the phenolic black paper impregnation line, the equipment, process and operation requirements are very high, because in actual production, there are many factors that affect the quality of the product.


In the current common phenolic black paper impregnation line, the impregnating machine used mainly includes three types of machines, one is a one-stage impregnating machine for high-pressure veneer-impregnated decorative paper and impregnated surface paper, and the other is used for impregnating decorative paper production. A two-stage impregnator, and a one-stage or two-stage impregnator with a spray section for impregnating decorative paper and impregnated surface paper.


In practice, the raw materials used have a great influence on the production quality of the phenolic black paper impregnation line. Depending on the production requirements and the user, a reasonable choice is also required for the resins and additives used. Different resins have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the impregnation equipment and process used are different, and the requirements for the resin are also different.

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