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Application of Melamine Paper Impregnation Line Eequipment
Mar 22, 2018

The melamine paper impregnation line equipment is suitable for the wood-based panel industry to strengthen the use of floor paper, balance paper, wear-resistant paper; furniture with decorative paper; fire board with paper, core paper, and the actual use of melamine paper dipped line equipment, For melamine glue and its modified glue and urea formaldehyde resin impregnated coating drying; construction template should also be coated with phenolic film paper dip coating drying.


The products processed by the melamine paper impregnation line equipment are more outstanding, that is, they can also realize the aesthetic appearance of the material, and at the same time they can increase the value of use; after that, they can improve the physical properties and expand the scope of use; moreover, its Use, in fact, is to increase the value of wood-based panels. To a certain extent, it simplifies the man-made board production process (to avoid painting, brushing and other processes).


With the shortage of human timber resources and the increase in the demand for human-made wood products, the melamine impregnated paper produced by the melamine paper dipped line equipment will also be better developed in the 21st century. And in terms of the equipment itself, the heating fan adopts a coaxial design, which will minimize the noise during production. This oven uses no dead angle insulation, can effectively use heat energy, temperature control accuracy is also able to control in ± 1 °C, oven nozzles will also use the retaining ring, removal and cleaning and convenient.


For the melamine paper impregnation line equipment can have a long life, it should pay attention to some matters when it is in use. The first point is to set up the extension desk medical records, record the melamine paper dipped line equipment damage and its replacement.


After that, when the melamine paper impregnation line equipment is in use, it should also pay attention to organizing maintenance and maintenance workers to do a good job of equipment maintenance. The key point is that we should pay attention to doing well the clothing maintenance work; every month should be to Pay attention to checking the implementation status of “Fast, Fast, Precise, and Smooth” and make a good record. The cover gauge should be pressed according to the process to ensure that the needle is not squeezed.

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