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Application range and performance of 6x12 2000 ton melamine press
Jan 30, 2019

The 6x12 2000 ton melamine press is very suitable for medium-sized furniture factories or small-scale wood-based secondary processing (professional veneer) factories for the thermocompression bonding of furniture panels, wooden doors (ie thin wood-based panels and Inner frame gluing) and pressing various materials on various wood-based panels: such as plywood, blockboard, MDF, particleboard: decorative paper, decorative cloth, fireproof board, metal mooring, artificial and natural micro-thin wood, natural thin wood Parquet. It can also be used for leveling and shaping of veneer drying and flattening and color decorative wood chips.

6x12 2000 ton melamine press with automatic coating (water-based glue, oil-based glue can be used) baking glue, sticker veneer, cold pressure hot pressing, output function. It has the characteristics of high speed, high pressure, fast setting, easy operation, stable performance and high degree of intelligent automation. The customer chooses the dust removal and automatic cutting system independently. The unit adopts frequency conversion electric control, intelligent temperature control, energy saving and high efficiency, wide voltage application range, smooth and no bubble on the surface of the processed board.

Application field of 6x12 2000 ton melamine press

1, decorative surface material: can be attached to a variety of wood grain paper, PVC decorative film, glitter decorative film, acrylic sheet and so on.
2. Applicable to all kinds of plates such as: plywood, MDF, advertising board, MDF, PVC foam board, etc.

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