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Application range and selection of belt dryer
Jan 15, 2018

The use of belt dryer is very wide, currently in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields have its application. But in each field of its selection criteria are not the same, this is because of the various fields of drying materials requirements and parameters have a greater difference. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially Chinese medicine), the general viscosity of the extract is larger, and the drying temperature is strict, the control of the melting point to be precise (especially the polysaccharide type of material), the control range of the vacuum degree to meet the requirements of different sections of the heating temperature and to have the online automatic adjustment function and so on. In addition, the detection system to be as perfect as possible to comply with pharmaceutical GMP standards. And for the food industry, its material extract solid content is generally relatively large (more than 65%), production requirements and product volume, appearance, etc. are the key to the vacuum belt dryer selection criteria, food-grade vacuum belt dryer selection process has two elements must not be ignored: one is the consumption of energy consumption ratio problem, Another is ancillary equipment such as raw materials, such as the first stage of transportation, dry products, such as fine crushing and packaging. As for the biological, chemical use of vacuum belt dryer because of the different forms of products, so the standard of selection is extremely complex, so need to be extra cautious.

The first step in choosing a vacuum belt dryer is that it is important to have a sample test of the dry material. Therefore, for equipment suppliers whether it has material testing equipment and experienced test material personnel is the customer to measure the real ability of manufacturers the most direct way. Qualified Vacuum belt dryer manufacturers generally in the material after the test can be in the shortest possible time to provide customers with a include: material actual evaporation, dynamic drying vacuum, drying temperature distribution, feeding volume, actual drying time, the actual production capacity, Unit energy consumption ratio and other technical parameters report, Convenient for customers to choose to meet the requirements of the production of equipment models and specifications.

The second step of selecting vacuum belt dryer is to comprehensively inspect the design level and manufacturing capability of the manufacturer. The manufacturer generally provides a first draft of the technical design plan and a detailed statement of the design rationale in the project on the basis of the material test report and according to the customer's production specifications and working conditions. The technical design scheme is a very important part of the manufacturer's ability to make the vacuum belt drying mechanism. In particular, the manufacturer's key technology design describes the design of the vacuum system, the design of the heating system, the design of the rectifying system, the design of the cleaning system and the design of the feeding and discharging system. Another aspect of manufacturing capability is to examine the actual use of the manufacturer's users. Customers can according to the manufacturer's list of users, request to field visits, if the manufacturer does have sufficient strength generally will not reject the reasonable requirements of customers, and some even can provide a number of visitors to choose the target. It is generally difficult for enterprises with limited manufacturing capacity or low technical level.

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