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Careful segmentation design and temperature regulation of Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press
Aug 09, 2018

The short-cycle veneer hot press is mainly used in the secondary furniture factory or the secondary processing of small wood-based panels in the process of use. The hot-pressing system of the short-cycle veneer hot press heats up quickly, the heating system and The thermal system is carefully segmented. The double veneer hot press has high precision and wide range of process parameters, which can meet the requirements of various veneer production processes.


The specifications of short-cycle veneer presses are also divided into many types. For different models of double-faced hot presses, the output is also very different. However, for double veneer presses, the output is generally 1000-5000 sheets. If it is fully automatic, the output will be high. In the fully automatic mode, labor costs can be saved and production efficiency can be improved.


The short-cycle veneer press is a kind of hot press to a certain extent, so the phenomenon of thin plate will occur during the process of use, mainly including the moisture content of the plate, the adjustment of the pressure temperature, and For the use of the environment, we should investigate one by one to solve the problem thoroughly.

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