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Characteristic performance and application range of full function test press
Jul 20, 2018

The universal test press has advanced performance and can be used to test the quality and manufacturing process of many different products. The universal test press can be used not only in the wood-based panel industry, but also in the new product development of the decorative industry, product production process testing, research and teaching in universities and research institutes, and meets the functions required for various presses. Parameter requirements.


Compared with the common type of test press, the speciality of the full function test press is mainly focused on its more emphasis on product versatility. The hydraulic control of the machine uses an integrated cartridge valve integrated system to reduce leakage. Point, reliable action and long service life. It can realize two molding processes of constant pressure and fixed stroke, and has the function of holding pressure delay, and the delay time is adjustable. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range. It adopts button centralized control and has three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.


Because of this performance characteristics, the full function test press has a wide range of applications, and can be used for various stamping processes such as drawing, punching, bending, flanging, and cold extrusion of metal materials, and is also suitable for calibration and pressing. Press molding of packaging, powder products and abrasive products, and press molding of plastic products, insulating products, and the like.


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