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Characteristics and Application of Alluminum Honeycomb Board Press
Mar 08, 2018

Speaking of the characteristics of aluminum honeycomb plate press, first of all, we actually have to pay attention to its press hot plate is made of high-quality carbon structural steel made of its surface after fine grinding processing, flatness That is, less than 0.1 mm; 1.6 for its surface roughness, and 0.2 mm for the maximum thickness of the lead-lead test.


Aluminum honeycomb plate press equipment in the actual use of the time, it is necessary to pay attention to its insulation will appear more uniform, the temperature difference will be within 3 ℃; In this main tank which are used for the import of new seals, At this time when the device is actually being used, we actually noticed that it would not leak itself and the resistance to operation was relatively small.


Alluminum honeycomb board press equipment, the cylinder up speed adjustable on which PLC programmable control, the operation is relatively simple; aluminum honeycomb panel press machine touch screen is actually accurate display and accurate recording of temperature and time , Pressure and other aspects of the production process parameters. This device is more suitable for both glue and plastic film technology, after hot pressing or cold pressing combination of honeycomb panels can be glued good adhesion, high flatness.


Alluminum honeycomb board press machine born out of the aluminum honeycomb composite board, which uses a honeycomb core, usually, that is s = 12mm / s = 8mm non-woven honeycomb panels. In terms of its up and down, that is, different materials will be affixed to the panel, then it will be able to produce a variety of uses honeycomb composite panels.


Finally, when it comes to the role of aluminum honeycomb plate press equipment, in the simplest terms, it is a kind of professional equipment for pressing aluminum honeycomb panels, plastic honeycomb panels, paper honeycomb panels and the like, and is produced by aluminum honeycomb panel press equipment Honeycomb plate products, will have a lighter quality, with moisture, the device itself is that it will have a durable, non-deformation characteristics.

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