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Characteristics of Fireproof Board equipment
Jan 15, 2018

Product Features

1, the new unique structure design and production, saving equipment investment.

2, unique fuselage design, segmented independent adjustment, to meet the production line installed in the horizontal position, high-strength, high-precision, transmission stability, for the continuous large-scale production to provide a guarantee.

3, the use of four-roll dual-drive roll-pressing process, automatic feeding, hanging slurry, paving cloth, pressure, cutting, set continuous production multi-functional in one, saving labor costs.

4, equipped with a double vibration device to eliminate the inner bubble, so that the plate more dense, more flat.

5, transport platform using rolling bearings, smooth transmission, transmission friction small, tailored delivery plate belt, smooth transport, do not skid, do not run deviation, durable.

6, the Guide cloth body adopts the bearing support gravity, the spring adjusts the tension, the configuration conical eccentric sleeve.

7, Polymer treatment roller forming surface, smooth, wear-resistant, rust resistance. On the roll up and down arbitrary adjustment, can be a variety of thickness of the plate, thickness 3~40mm, width 1.3m, unlimited length to meet different market needs.

8, stepless frequency conversion speed control motor, the use of Advanced program control, speed adjustable, easy to operate, easy maintenance, production capacity up to 7.25m/min.

9, the equipment one machine to be used more, may produce the partition board, the ceiling board, the construction template, the Simulation Manchurian Ash Board, imitates the red (white) Beech Board, the Oak Plank, the fire relief door Plate, the dado board, the ventilation pipeline, the glaze corrugated tile and so on.

10, the production of no waste, green environmental protection.

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