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Common malfunction and maintenance of belt dryer in the process of operation
Jan 15, 2018

Although the belt dryer is currently more efficient and energy-saving dryer, but in the actual operation is also a failure occurred, we do is to find out the reasons for the exclusion, so that the belt dryer to do the greatest energy efficiency for our services. So when the customer in the purchase of the belt dryer, pay attention to the configuration of dryer, belt dryer on the selection of the filter with the dryer teeth channel and aperture matching, the general selection of filter screen hole diameter is dryer into the channel or aperture of 0.2 times times. What are the common faults in the use of belt dryer? How to solve? How to carry out maintenance maintenance? Ke Wei professionals to introduce a few points:

1, before the start of the gas source triple pieces of inspection, will be stored water discharged and ensure adequate oil level.

2, to ensure that the dryer equipment has a good grounding, equipment on the temperature meter should be measured.

3, inspection and maintenance of parts, such as lubrication for bearings, adjust pulley, check the electrical circuit, door rocker arm, pipe connection and so on and fixed.

4, the raw material ignition failure, may be the dryer equipment design problems, or raw materials can not be sucked out of the dryer caused by fire. In addition, it may be caused by human factors, such as to achieve the drying effect of too small drying machine forced heating caused by fire. At this time, it is best to replace the dryer equipment, check whether the dryer is installed correctly, whether air leakage or increase wind pressure. Correct use of dryer, carefully for the dryer to increase the temperature, lest cause fire.

5, the emergence of raw materials for a one-time drying problem, this is mainly due to the dryer is too small or improper use of dryer and other causes. In addition, wind pressure, flow calculation error can also lead to such a failure. Can replace or modify drying equipment, or require manufacturers to recalculate wind pressure, flow and other changes. If it is due to improper operation, the operator will strictly follow the instructions to carry out the correct operation.

6, to ensure that the seat fixed bolts are not loose, the support spring connection tightness appropriate, the computer board control, wind wheel, heat exchanger has a good degree of flexibility.

7, keep equipment clean, daily to wipe the equipment, cleaning dust collection box in order to ensure ventilation. Regular opening of the rear lid cleaning equipment inside.

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