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Composite lamination test press control system
Oct 31, 2018

In the composite lamination test press, the control system has an important influence on the running quality of the whole machine. In order to ensure the use effect, the electrical system components are selected to be stable and reliable, and the thickness control without thickness gauge is realized. In operation, the hot pressing process is arbitrarily adjusted to meet any hot pressing process.


With the operation of the composite lamination test press,, it can achieve good pressure control within a full pressure range with a control accuracy of 0.2 mpa. The real-time data of each hot pressing process is saved separately, and the save format is excel worksheet, which can be copied out to other computers for analysis and research. Moreover, the boosting and stepping speeds can be adjusted according to the setting, and the heating rate can be adjusted.


In addition to the reliable and stable control system, in the process of designing and manufacturing the composite lamination test press, the main frame part is specially treated after the welding process, thereby eliminating the internal uneven stress, which is obvious. Extends the frame life of the press.

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