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Composite test press control system and hot pressing process
May 02, 2018

In the process of use, the composite test press is a press designed for small-scale multi-functional testing of wood-based panels and other industries. The standard format is suitable to a certain extent for wood-based panel companies, new product development in the decorative industry, and production process testing. The scientific research and teaching of laboratories of universities, colleges, and research institutes can meet the functions and parameters required by various types of presses.

The main features of composite test press

Composite test presses are economical and practical. It is mainly used to test the quality and manufacturing process of a specific product. Single performance for general factory use. The composite test press focuses on the versatility of the product and is mainly designed and developed for R&D departments and universities.

Note: Other specifications presses can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

Composite test press service advantages

1. Brand advantage, industry famous brand

2. High cost performance/productivity increase 15%-20%

3. Production strength, with a team of experienced engineers

4. Engineer on-site technical guidance

The advantages of composite test presses:

First, the mechanical system

1. Compact structure, small footprint.

2. Easy installation and maintenance.

3. Unique electric heating oil system design, saving energy.

4. The hydraulic system adopts a large number of imported brand-name products with high reliability.

5. The energy storage design of the hydraulic system saves energy, reduces hydraulic temperature rise, improves reliability, and does not require additional water cooling. Reduce motor noise.

6 can be easily installed steel templates, cushions and other options.

Second, the control system

1. The electrical system components use well-known brands and the quality is stable and reliable.

2. It can realize thickness control without thickness gauge.

3. The hot pressing process can be adjusted to meet any hot pressing process.

4. The user can split the whole hot-pressing process into no more than 30 segments, and each process can be arbitrarily set to control type.

5. The pressure can be well controlled in the full pressure range, and the control precision is 0.2MPa. Especially in the low pressure section (0-2MPa) is equally excellent.

6. Design data can be saved and read separately to protect your work from being stolen by others.

7. The real-time data of each hot-press process is saved separately and can be copied to other computers for analysis and research.

8. In addition to the hot platen temperature, up to 9 workpiece temperatures can be recorded in real time.

9. Step-up and step-down speed adjustment according to setting

10. Adjustable heating rate

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