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Concrete mold panel production line safety operation procedures
Jul 19, 2018

The concrete mold panel production line adopts an optimized hydraulic transmission system with high pressure and stable performance, achieving one-time forming, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency and low noise. In practice, you also need to pay attention to safety requirements. First of all, when starting up, the operator must be familiar with the operation method of the cement formwork press, and should check to confirm that the equipment is in good condition.


According to the actual situation, properly adjust the foot bolts to keep the working surface of the cement formwork press level. The test piece should be strictly in accordance with the specified vertical direction of both sides into the machine. If there is unevenness, it should be processed flat, and the geometrical size can be accurately measured before starting and pressing. After use, clean up immediately to keep the machinery and environment clean.


In addition, regular maintenance, repair, inspection and archival records of cement formwork presses are required. Note that when using the cement formwork press, it is necessary to pay attention to the accuracy of the power supply, and the entire operation process is strictly in accordance with the procedures specified in the manual.

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