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Concrete mold panel production line using principle and maintenance level
Apr 27, 2018

Concrete mold panel production line is a typical electrical machinery connection facility. It is different from other similar equipment because it uses the pulse heating technology, so the measurement can be more accurate, and the task of a variety of forms can be stopped.


At the same time, the concrete mold panel production line can also achieve multi-stage pressure boosting, and the measurement can be displayed in real time, so it can be more macroscopic. In addition, the device uses a touch operation interface, so the operation is convenient and the operator can easily use the machine.


The concrete mold panel production line adopts the principle of pulse heating. After a constantly changing voltage, the DC connector is mobilized so that it can rapidly generate heat, thereby completing the production of a cement template. The maintenance of the cement template press is divided into primary maintenance and secondary maintenance. The primary maintenance is its daily protection, and the secondary maintenance is the mid-term maintenance.


After each use of the cement template press, the glue blocks on the press plate must be removed and the equipment must be thoroughly cleaned; detailed inspections of the machine's seals, pressure, and heating medium's repetitive conditions, measurements, etc. must be performed. Forgot to check other parts and lubricate them to keep them in good condition.


The secondary maintenance project of the cement template press includes cleaning, replacement parts, proofreading, overhaul, etc. The objects of cleaning include cement template press conical drive, oil cylinder bottom, dirt, dirt, etc., which need to be replaced. Is a cement template press has been aging washers, connectors and so on.


In the secondary maintenance process, it is necessary to check whether the connection of the concrete mold panel production line is reliable, whether the direct current of the passage is normal, whether the insulation resistance is reliable, whether the bearing leaks oil, and so on. Only if the conditions are normal, can the cement stencil press be put into use.

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