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Cycling mode and working characteristics of carbon fiber drying ovens
Oct 11, 2018

The carbon fiber drying ovens has advanced performance and reasonable structure. It adopts the circulating fan to suck the working room air, sucks into the air passage, passes through the heating element, and then heats the air and then blows the hot air evenly from the two side air passages into the working chamber to heat the workpiece. exchange. Return to the top of the studio and inhale the top air duct to form a forced convection cycle. This cycle is repeated, causing the temperature of the working chamber to rise.


In this way, the temperature uniformity of each area inside the carbon fiber drying ovens is ensured, and the low temperature dead angle and blind zone are avoided. At the same time, the equipment adopts an easy-to-exchange structure of heating and circulating fans, and adopts fan and heating interlock control to ensure the safety of baking of equipment products.


In practical applications, the hot air inside the carbon fiber drying ovens can be recycled, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy. With the effect of forced ventilation, the air duct is provided in the oven, and the material is evenly dried. The oven runs smoothly, automatically controls the temperature, and is easy to install and maintain. Carbon fiber drying furnaces are suitable for a wide range of general purpose drying equipment.

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