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Definition of short cycle lamination press
Mar 10, 2018

Short cycle lamination press is widely used for laminating melamine impregnated paper onto particle board, MDF, HDF and so on. The finished product can be divided into furniture board, flooring. 


The main distinction of furniture board and flooring is the kind of melamine paper which is used to laminate on plain board. Today we main introduce the main use of laminating flooring.


The laminating flooring also be named impregnated paper laminate flooring. It refers to a layer or multi-layer paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin, which is installed in particleboard, high (medium) density fiberboard, etc. On the back side add balance paper, front plus wear-resistant layer, through hot pressed molding floor.


Wear-resistance paper + Décor paper + fiberboard + balance paper


Two people pick up the bottom balance paper at the same time, slightly place it on the horizontal roller table.


Start up the control button: the substrate will be placed in middle of the balance paper, and then put decorative paper and wear-resistant paper on it in turn. The papers should cover the entire surface of the substrate.


Start the horizontal control button, while using the hand gently press composite slab, belt conveyor will move forward(static generator will produce static electricity to make sure all layers of impregnated paper are more firmly adhered on both surfaces of the substrate) to the longitudinal lifting conveyor, which will deliver the composite slab into hot press for laminating.

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