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Design instructions for the mechanical system and control system of the finishing comparision test press
Nov 29, 2018

Mechanical systems and control systems are an important part of the comparison test presses, and these two systems will also directly affect the performance of the whole machine. In the mechanical system design, the overall structure is compact and reasonable, the occupied space is small, and the equipment installation and maintenance are simple. Together with the unique electric heating oil system design, it can effectively reduce energy consumption.


Moreover, the finishing test press is stable and reliable, and the motor noise is small. In the actual operation, the thickness control of the thickness gauge (vacuum and high temperature type) can be realized by the control system, and the hot pressing process can be arbitrarily adjusted to satisfy any hot pressing process.


In practice, the pressure on the finishing comparision test press can be well controlled within its tolerance. In addition to the hot plate temperature, the actual temperature of the workpiece during the work can be recorded in real time. In addition, the boosting and depressurizing speeds of the finishing comparision test press can be adjusted as needed, and the heating rate of the device can be adjusted.

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