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Door Skin Multi Layer Hot Press Process
Apr 26, 2018

The production process of the door skin multi layer hot press is basically similar to that of other laminating machines. The first is to select the appropriate substrate. The substrate of the multi-layer door is usually a high-quality multi-layer plywood, and the substrate panel is required to be flat. Corrosion, bubbling, cracks, wormholes, dead spots and other defects, the moisture content should also meet the relevant process requirements; and the substrate layer can not be stratified.


The panel of multi-layer door is then processed. The thickness is usually 0.3-2.0mm, and the deviation should be less than ±0.20mm. The panel usually requires flatness, no rot, bug eyes, cracks, dead knots, etc. The moisture content should satisfy the relevant Process requirements. It is an important part of a multi-layer door. The deviation of the material and thickness of the panel directly affects the quality of the product.


Then, the substrate panel is glued and assembled, and the adhesive used in the adhesive coating must be environmentally friendly, meet the requirements of the national standard, and the adhesive should be uniform. The amount of glue applied should meet the quality requirements of the glue. Followed by the use of door skin multi layer hot press to form a good slab in accordance with the hot-pressing process requirements of hot-pressing, hot-pressure parameters such as temperature, time, pressure must be compatible with the hot-pressing process to ensure product quality requirements.


After the material is hot-pressed, it is also necessary to carry out the health treatment to eliminate the stress generated during the hot-pressing process. In fact, it is under the condition of constant temperature and humidity to perform the balance treatment so that the sheet can obtain the desired performance and meet the application requirements.


Paint is an indispensable surface treatment for multi-layer doors. The purpose is to improve the surface decoration effect, keep the surface of the door plate smooth, and protect the surface of the wood to ensure the use requirements. Here as much as possible to select a special paint finishing production line for painting, with multi-layer door presses to improve product quality.

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