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Door Skin Press Operation Requirements
Apr 12, 2018

In the process of using the door skin press, it is mainly used to press the furniture plate, all kinds of plates and wooden doors. In the process of operation, the leveling and shaping of the furniture can make the adhesion between the plates more to a certain extent. Strong. Strong pressure, no force. Automatic pressure double insurance, pressure lasting stability.

Door Skin Press Operation Requirements

1. The bark press must read its instructions carefully before proceeding.

2. A reliable grounding device must be connected before the door skin press is connected to the power supply.

3. The power cord of the door skin press must be connected to the power supply with the protection switch, and check if the voltage and frequency of the power supply are appropriate.

4. Before operating the machine tool, the door skin press must confirm whether the running direction of the motor is correct. Otherwise, the wiring position of the power phase wire must be changed.

5. Before operation, check whether the safety protection devices are normal and whether the components are loose or damaged. Otherwise, they should be adjusted and replaced in time to ensure their normal functions. Remember to remove all adjustments.

6. When operating, wear tight clothing. Do not wear loose clothes or wear a tie, watch, or bracelet. Long-haired heads need to wear a cap to cover their long hair.

7. When the door skin press operates, all safety guards cannot be removed or opened.

8. The door skin presses prohibit operators from leaving their jobs.

9. It is forbidden to machine the workpiece beyond the original design function of the machine and use accessories that exceed the design function of the machine.

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