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Embossment door skin press preparation and work content
Dec 14, 2018

In the preparation process of the embossed door press, first check the drawings, and check the specifications, shape and quantity of the workpiece according to the drawings, and whether there are bruises, abrasion marks, sanding, chipping, etc. on the surface. Then clean the machine (including the glue on the light board) and the work site with an air gun and keep it clean at all times.


Next, check whether the parts of the embossing door press are good and the operation is normal. The press power is turned on before the pressure gate, and the steel plate of the press is preheated, and the heating temperature is between 100-110 °C. Next, in the process of hot pressing, the surface of the workpiece should be cleaned with an air gun; the rubber should be applied with a roller, the glue should be even, the amount of glue should not be too large, and the overflowed glue should be wiped clean. Pay attention to controlling the pressure when pressing the door.


In addition, the workpiece after pressing the embossed door press should meet the quality and technical requirements in the drawings. At the same time, the amount of glue should be determined according to the specific size and quantity of the pressure-increasing door leaf of each shift, and the white flat rubber is used for pressing the flat parts. If there is a shape on the board, be sure to carefully read the drawings and then separate the upper, lower, left and right positions before placing them in the press.

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