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Embossment synchronization melamine press piston protection and seal replacement
Nov 15, 2018

Wear or improper installation of the rubber seal is the direct cause of leakage of the embossment synchronization melamine press, and the damage or incorrect position of the piston surface is an indirect cause of oil leakage. The main cause of damage to the surface of the piston is that the oil contains impurities such as sand. Once the surface of the piston is scratched, the flaw will rapidly expand and deepen under the intense grinding of high pressure oil.


At the same time, during the use of embossed synchronous melamine press, the hydraulic oil should be kept clean, the fuel tank needs to be sealed, the filter of the oil pump suction pipe should be kept intact, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced in time. The oil in the tank should be filtered out during the inspection. The oil should be filtered and clarified before use. This also helps to protect the oil pump and hydraulic components.


At present, the steam pipe rotating joints of the embossing synchronous melamine press are mostly sealed with asbestos packing. At high temperatures, asbestos fillers tend to harden and appear to leak. It is better to use a spherical joint PTFE sealing ring with better sealing performance. The asbestos wire can also be impregnated with PTFE plastic and pressed in the original packing box.

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