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Epoxy Prepreg Impregnation Line Processing Advantages
Apr 04, 2018

Epoxy impregnation line has two principles in the process of operation, on the one hand, because solid voids and liquids make effective contact, the surface tension will produce capillary pressure, which will make the liquid penetrate into the capillary. .

The active component of the epoxy prepreg impregnation line is adsorbed on the surface of the carrier, and in order to increase the amount of impregnation or the depth of impregnation to a certain extent, the air in the carrier can be pre-evacuated during use, so that vacuum impregnation can be used to a certain extent; Liquid temperature (lower its viscosity) and increased stirring, the effect is similar.

Epoxy prepreg impregnation line is very simple in the process of operation, but its equipment often encounters many complicated problems in the process of preparation, such as when the catalyst is dry, sometimes due to the movement of the catalytic active material to the outer surface. Instead, the concentration of some of the internal surfactant is reduced, and even the carrier is not covered.

Advantages of Epoxy Prepreg Impregnation Line

1. Epoxy impregnation line can be used to form the carrier with shape and size, eliminating the step of catalyst forming. At present, there are commercially available various catalyst carriers available at home and abroad.

2. Epoxy impregnation line can choose the appropriate carrier to a certain extent, and provide the physical structural characteristics required for the catalyst, such as specific surface, pore radius, mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and so on.

3. In most cases, the attached components are only distributed on the surface of the carrier, and the utilization is high, the amount is small, and the cost is low. This is particularly important for platinum, palladium, rhodium and other precious metal catalysts.

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