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Finishing test press use notes and requirements
Mar 31, 2018

When finishing test press during installation and use, for equipment installation, care should be taken to correct the equipment placement level or to fix the foot bolts with concrete; to arrange the installation of the test press, N32-46# ordinary hydraulic oil should be used. , N32-46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil or 20-30 # mechanical oil, into the tank, the oil can not be lower than the lower limit of the oil level meter.


Finishing the installation and use of the test press, this time it is necessary to pay attention to the power, press the pump start button, check the direction of rotation of the motor, correct (clockwise) after 5-10 minutes of no-load operation, adjust the oil pump The pressure was tested at 50 MPa, and various actions were taken to check if there were any leaks in the pipelines. If any adverse phenomena were found, they should be immediately shut down and eliminated.


The media for testing and testing by the test press is convenient for its water and does not pollute the environment. Therefore, it is widely used, and it is necessary to ensure that the tested valve will not be corroded and the media requirements of the test machine are required. In the tank, add rust inhibitor or common oil as test medium.


Before finishing the work of the hydraulic pressure-supplying water pump in the finishing test press, it is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the electric contact pressure gauge and the pressure of the tested valve to be the same, and then perform the work; thus the cast iron valve cannot be hammered, and the valve is under test At the time, the operator should pay attention to safety and correct use. Special attention should be paid to the damage of the medium pressure when the cast iron valve is tested. After the valve test is completed, the pressure in the valve should be exhausted before the axial press can be released.


The pressure gauges used to organize test presses must be qualified by the local metrology department. The certificates should be within the validity period. The range of the presses for the consolidation test should not be less than 15 times the test pressure, and the accuracy should not be lower than 1.5. When performing supercharging pressure adjustment, care must be taken to prohibit the supercharged pressure value from being excessively high and prevent the valve being tested from being deformed or damaged.

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