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Finishing the automatic unloading function of the test press and the test pressure medium
Jul 05, 2018

The  Finishing Testing Press has the function of manual pressurization or automatic pressurization in the process of using, and the segmentation experiment program can be set in the pressure test range, and the system will automatically boost and stop when the pressurization is performed. And keep pressure.

The system for finishing the test press has the function of automatic unloading to a certain extent, and its container automatic unloading, emergency stop and overpressure automatic unloading function, to some extent, the preset dwell time during the pressing process can be Freely set, with real-time pressure display, curve display, time display, working status display, etc. during operation.

The system for finishing the test press has pressure setting, calibration, and software zero correction. It has alarm function such as system overpressure and fault status feedback. It has the function of automatically discriminating the pressure state of the container under test during the pressure holding phase.

The  Finishing Testing Press uses water or oil as the test pressure medium. The whole test process is automatically controlled by the computer. All test settings and operations can be completed in the automatic console, or each valve can be manually controlled remotely to achieve full-scale pressure test. Unmanned scene.

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