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Flooring laminating press machine design essentials and protection system
Mar 01, 2018

Flooring laminating press machine design essentials, the key to its design is also refers to the pressure control. The greater the pressure, the better the quality of the product. Floor laminating machine design time specific requirements, which means that the pressure rise must also be stable, the pressure control accuracy must also be high, constant pressure time should be accurately controlled, the product should be in all directions of compression Be careful to keep it uniform.


Floor laminating machine equipment in order to meet the laminating process and its product requirements, the main design of the equipment should include the loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system four major parts. Therefore, in this design, the process of heating the water in the container to reach a certain constant temperature; should meet product loading, seal head pressure drop; after that should pay attention to set the working pressure, constant pressure time, and Shi Shi Pressure and packing; to achieve the pressure relief is completed automatically.


Next, the protection system in the flooring laminating press machine mainly includes the protection of lifting movements, heating, pressurization and the like. At the product loading place, a safety door micro switch will be set. Only when the safety door is closed, will the equipment start to operate. This protects the safety of the operator.


Floor laminating machine protection system equipment, when the seal head pressure down to the right place, it will certainly touch the travel switch, the use of four cylinders at the same time action lock cylinder, at the same time will be touched four travel switch, this time also inevitable Will be connected to the booster system to start supercharging.


Flooring laminating press machine protection system equipment set directly above the over-temperature, under-temperature alarm, so that is to say that the protection of equipment in the event of anomalies when the timely manner. Pressure gauge on the floor laminating machine itself with pressure limiting function, this time will be able to adjust the dial above the limit pointer to determine the limit pressure range. To ensure that our numerical operation more accurate and better quality.

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