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Flooring Laminating Press structural system and technical indicators and product purchase
Jun 08, 2018

A floor laminator, which is one of the devices used to produce floorboards, is used to perform lamination of a variety of materials on the floor, and thus, to obtain flooring products. Therefore, in the production of floors, floor laminators will be used, and the following is to familiarize with and understand the equipment so that it can be used correctly to ensure product quality.


1. Flooring Laminating Press Product Purchase and Investment Costs

The machine for floor laminating machines is a very important task for the product purchase. If you choose the wrong one, it will affect the normal use of the product and cause waste, and it will bring economic loss to the user. Therefore, it cannot be Disregard and sloppy treatment. In terms of purchasing considerations for floor laminators, there are product origins, parameters, real-time quotes, price quotes, and manufacturers, which are important considerations that cannot be missed.


The investment cost of floor laminating machines is mainly related to the specific types of products, types of equipment used, and production technologies and processes. Therefore, we must consider these comprehensive considerations before we can have accurate results. Then, we can judge whether we are within our own limits so that we can take further actions. In general, the more equipment required and the more advanced the production technology, the higher the investment cost.


2. What is a laminator? Is the Flooring Laminating Press a common type of laminator?

Laminators, whose professional interpretation is: a mechanical device that presses together multiple layers of material. The floor laminator, which is one of the types of laminators and is a common one, is a mechanical device that presses together the materials used for the floor. Its main task is to press together, and then to obtain a compact structure and a smooth surface.


3. Structural system and main technical indicators of floor laminators

The structural system of the laminator is the four systems including the loading and discharging system, heating system, pressure system and protection system. The laminating machine of the Flooring Laminating Press is a laminator, because it is in the large category of laminators. Therefore, its basic structural system is the same as an ordinary laminator. It also has four systems: a loading and unloading system, a heating system, a pressure system, and a protection system.


The main technical indicators of the floor laminator, which are specific to the work pressure, boost time, temperature rise time, temperature control range and pressure control range five, each one is an important technical parameter of the floor laminator, so reflect The working performance of the laminator should be taken seriously and taken seriously to determine the appropriate value.

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