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Flooring lamination press operation procedure and selection process
Jan 18, 2019

In the process of selecting a Flooring lamination press, the first factor to be considered is the area of the laminating machine. It is necessary to select a compatible area, and consider the opening method and appearance. Use as many machines as possible. After the selection is completed, install and debug under the guidance of the manufacturer, and enter the normal production and use.


After the floor laminator enters the working state, after the self-test is completed, the laminating machine can enter the working state.


Flooring lamination press operating procedure


1. Press the vacuum pump on button

2. Check process parameters

3. Check if the temperature reaches the set value

4. Check whether the working status is automatic or manual, and set the automatic status.

5. Check if the vacuum pump is short of oil

6. Place the components to be laminated

7. Cover

8. Check the vacuum

9. Remove the component

10. Check the components. The laminator enters normal operation while ensuring that all processes are normal.

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