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Flooring paper impregnation line production process and parameter settings
Apr 18, 2018

Flooring paper impregnation line is a kind of impregnation production line which is specially used for producing floor paper. Throughout the whole production process, it undergoes a series of processes such as hot pressing, cross-cutting vertical sawing, forming and milling, health care, transfer printing, and waterproofing, but because of the production line Continuous production, so simplify the process, shorten the cycle, but also improve the quality of the product.


If the flat press method is used to produce floor paper, the floor paper dipped wire only needs one hot pressing process, and the wear-resistant paper, decorative paper, fiberboard and balance paper can be pressed at one time. The molding method requires the production line to carry out two hot-pressing processes. The first time the wear-resistant paper and the fiberboard are pressed together, and the surface pattern of the fiberboard is pressed. The second time, the wear-resistant paper, the decorative paper and the fiberboard are pressed together.


Of course, in order to ensure the production effect, the process parameters of the floor paper impregnation line should be set reasonably. The most important ones for the hot press are the hot press temperature, hot press time and hot press pressure. This is the key to the control of the production process and is also the focus of quality control.


After the flooring paper impregnation line has been hot-pressed, it can enter the edging process. After finishing the trimming, place it on a cool plate rack and place it in the space of the cool plate rack. The final step is to cut the process, is to paste the good pressure after the large plate cross-cut saw cross-cutting material, saw a predetermined number, and then cut the sheet into the multi-saw vertical cutting material, cut into the number of provisions.


It is then transported to the take-up rack by means of a transport device for the floor paper dipped wire, and the stacking is done manually. The cutting accuracy of this process directly affects the processing accuracy of the next process. Therefore, after the slitting, it is necessary to test the slitting plate with the inspection block at regular intervals. Ensure cut size requirements.


In the production of impregnated floor paper, in addition to using floor paper impregnated lines as production equipment, high-temperature and high-pressure short-cycle hot-pressing production processes are commonly used. Plates coming out of hot presses are subject to a period of aging treatment to eliminate the internal stress of the plates. The internal temperature, thickness, moisture and internal stress of the plate reach a balanced and stable state.

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