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Flooring Paper Impregnation Line Technical Features
Jul 11, 2018

With the continuous improvement of the technical level, the panel control configured in the floor paper impregnation line has been significantly improved in function, and the degree of digitization of the whole machine is greatly improved. The floor paper dipping line has good anti-interference performance and ensures the stability of the system. In addition, the industrial-grade modular design and simple human-machine dialogue make the whole operation process very simple and fast.


In the actual operation process in China, the floor paper impregnation line can accurately control the high amount of glue, and has the advantages of uniform and continuous adjustment of the glue. Moreover, the transmission roller and the hot air blower are all controlled by high-efficiency energy-saving frequency converter, which has low production energy consumption, stable synchronous line speed and extremely low paper break rate. The cutting paper adopts the coding technology with high precision and good accuracy, and the cutting length can be set arbitrarily.


In addition, the floor paper impregnation line also uses an advanced automatic tension control system, so users can flexibly adjust and automatically perform the tightness of the paper feed as needed. The floor paper impregnation line system also uses a more user-friendly design, and the inclination of the stacking table can be adjusted arbitrarily.

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