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Full automatic lamination press protection system
Jul 17, 2018

In order to ensure safe production, the protection system of the full automatic lamination press is indispensable. The so-called protection system mainly includes protection of lifting action, heating and pressurization. First of all, a safety door micro switch is installed at the product loading position, and the automatic laminating machine can only start running after the safety door is closed.


During the operation of the full automatic lamination press, only when the sealing head drops to a certain position, the stroke switch is activated, and the four cylinders simultaneously actuate the cylinder, and simultaneously touch the four stroke switches respectively, then the boosting system starts to pressurize. . In terms of heating protection, an over-temperature and under-temperature alarm is set.


If a sudden power failure occurs during the pressurization phase, all the electronically controlled valves of the device will be turned to the power-off state, so that the cylinder does not operate according to the preset program, which may bring the risk of damage to the machine. Therefore, the fully automatic laminating machine is specially provided with a power-off protection valve to ensure that the head does not rise when it is suddenly powered off.


Moreover, the pressure protection system of the full automatic lamination press also has the function of over-pressure automatic alarm. The pressure control system automatically relieves pressure when the pressure exceeds the alarm pressure value. A rupture disk is also installed in the pressure control system. If the system pressure exceeds the explosion-proof pressure of the rupture disk, the rupture disk will rupture and the system pressure will drop.

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