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Fully automatic control and use advantages of train carriage flooring board press
Dec 28, 2018

train carriage flooring board press are mainly used for thermocompression bonding of furniture panels, wooden doors and various materials on various wood-based panels such as plywood, blockboard, MDF and particleboard: decorative paper, Decorative cloth, melamine fireproof board, metal mooring, artificial and natural micro-thin wood, natural thin wood parquet. It can also be used for leveling and shaping of veneer drying and flattening and color decorative wood chips.

The train wagon floor press adopts fully automatic control. It has the advantages of high precision and flexible operation when it is used. The whole equipment is very reasonable in design and low in noise, low in power consumption and high in efficiency. It is a fast-growing low-grade wood with rapid growth, soft texture, large structural variability, uneven performance, low material density, poor structural strength and easy deformation. It is crushed into a wooden bundle by a miller or Bamboo silk.

The oil circuit system of the train carriage floor press adopts large flow self-priming oil circuit, the electrical system adopts PLC technology design, and the design of oil circuit circuit system constitutes the best working state of the machine. The whole machine consists of main frame, template, oil cylinder and hydraulic automatic loader. , automatic feeding platform and other components.

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