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Functional characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel press
Jul 28, 2018

For the time being, the aluminum honeycomb panel press is specially made of high-quality carbon structural steel. The surface of the machine is also finely ground, with a flatness of less than 0.1 mm and a surface roughness of 1.6. In practical application, the maximum thickness difference of the lead-pressing experiment of the machine is 0.2 mm, the heat preservation is uniform, and the temperature difference is within 3 °C.


In the aluminum honeycomb panel press, the main cylinder has a good sealing property, solves the problem of leakage, and has low running resistance. In the actual operation, the cylinder rising speed is adjustable, PLC programmable control, and the operation is simple. A touch screen is provided in the system to accurately display and accurately record production process parameters such as temperature, time and pressure.


The aluminum honeycomb plate press has stable performance and can be produced in two processes. In comparison, the honeycomb panel which is hot pressed or cold pressed by the machine has good adhesion, high flatness and no deformation. Aluminum honeycomb panel press professionally suppresses aluminum honeycomb panels, plastic honeycomb panels, paper honeycomb panels, etc. Honeycomb panel products are characterized by light weight, moisture resistance, durability and non-deformation.

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