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Furniture Board Laminating Press Main System
Jun 09, 2018

The furniture board laminating press, which is a kind of laminating machine, and its processing object furniture plate, explained from a professional point of view, is a kind of plate used for making bamboo-wood furniture, including a solid wood board, bamboo board, Plywood, detail boards, density boards and particle board, etc.


Solid wood board: It is a wood board made of complete wood. Because it is strong and durable, it is the preferred material for home decoration, and it is a kind of natural and environmental protection board. However, it is relatively high and relatively strict in terms of process requirements.

Bamboo board: It can also be called bamboo board or bamboo board. It is made of bamboo material and has the advantages of small water expansion coefficient, etc., as well as problems such as dry cracking and deformation.

Plywood: Raw wood is used for raw materials, which are then glued and hot-pressed with veneers.

The detail board: It can also be called Daxin board. Its core is a natural wood strip, and then it is affixed with very thin veneer on both sides. The advantage of this kind of plate is that it has low density, good dimensional stability and high strength, and it is not easily deformed. Therefore, it is widely used.

MDF: Fibers and adhesives are used and then pressed at high temperatures.

Particle board: It can also be called particle board. It is made from scraps or shavings of other plants, plus rubber and other auxiliary materials. In terms of specific types, there are two types of extruded particleboard and flat particleboard.


Therefore, the furniture board laminating press can press the above-mentioned furniture panels to obtain desired products and processing effects so that the products can be used directly.


Loading and unloading system: It is mainly composed of sealing head, loading rack, oil storage tank, fuel tank and solenoid valve. It is mainly used for loading and unloading operations.

Heating system: The components it contains are three measuring elements, controllers and heaters, which are used to heat and thermostatically control the water in the container.

Pressure system and protection system: It mainly includes pressure transmitters, pressure control instruments, booster pumps, manual valves and pneumatic valves. The protection system of the laminating machine for furniture panels is protected by lifting and lowering, heating and pressure.


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