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Furniture Lamination Press System Protection and Control Output Size
May 12, 2018

In the process of operating the furniture lamination press, the control center of the pressure system when the pressure is controlled by the instrument can accept the pressure signal from the pressure transmitter to some extent, and control the output according to the magnitude of the received pressure signal. Under normal circumstances, the signal output from the pressure control instrument controls a set of booster components, and the system pressurizes the sealed container through the booster assembly.

To a certain extent, the laminating press of the furniture lamination press is a relatively complex and key component. In the process of operation, the laminator is mainly composed of a booster pump and a solenoid valve. In the operation process, the booster pump is mainly used by the booster pump. The water is injected into the closed container so that the pressure inside the container rises until the pressure setting value is reached.

When the pressure of the furniture lamination press reaches its set value, the booster pump will stop working. During the running process, the system will enter the constant pressure and closed state. This will start timing, and the system can automatically compensate during the constant pressure process. The pressure drop makes the pressure constant in a more precise range.

After the constant pressure timer of the system is finished, the furniture lamination presses the pressure relief signal issued by the pressure control instrument during operation, and controls the pressure relief of the pneumatic valve during operation, so that the water in the closed container is discharged outward. Out of the container, the pressure drops with it.

The furniture laminator will be installed with a microswitch of the safety door to a certain extent. Only when the safety door is closed during operation, the device can start to operate. When the seal head is lowered to a proper position, the limit switch is touched and four cylinders are used. At the same time, the cylinder is actuated, and four stroke switches are actuated at the same time, and the supercharging system starts to be pressurized.

The water pressure gauge of the furniture lamination press itself will have a limited pressure function, and during the operation, the limit pointer on the dial can be directly adjusted to determine the range of the limited pressure value. If the pressure does not rise to the lower limit of the set value or the pressure exceeds the upper limit of the set value at any time within the specified time, the alarm bell will alarm. The over pressure alarm monitored by the instrument is set in the pressure protection. The pressure control system automatically relieves pressure when the pressure exceeds the alarm pressure value.

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