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Furniture plate laminator process and design essentials
May 30, 2018

A furniture laminate press refers to a mechanical device that can press together multiple layers of material in a furniture panel. Then in actual application, what is the specific process of the furniture plate laminator? First of all, we must cast the prepared porcelain pulp slurry on the steel belt of the casting machine according to the technological requirements, and after film drying by casting, it becomes the dielectric material of the capacitor.


In simple terms, it is during the operation of the laminate press on the furniture board that a certain amount of force is exerted on the surface of the multilayered material, so that these materials are tightly pressed together. The different things vary according to the purpose of lamination, and the conditions for lamination vary. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the lamination process, we need to master some essentials when designing equipment.


In general, the key to the operation of the laminating press is the control of its pressure. Under normal circumstances, the greater the pressure, the better the product quality. The specific requirements are: In the control process, the pressure should be maintained to rise steadily, and the control accuracy for the pressure should be high. The constant pressure time should be controlled accurately, and at the same time, the product should be stressed evenly in all directions.


In other words, in order to ensure that the laminating process and product production requirements are met, then the main design of the laminating machine for furniture panels should include four parts: the loading and unloading system, the heating system, the pressure system, and the protection system. During its operation, the water in the container is heated to a certain constant temperature. Then the product is loaded, the seal head is lowered, and the working pressure and constant pressure time are properly set according to requirements, and the pressure and pressure are maintained.


Waiting for a period of time after the pressure is maintained, the furniture laminator automatically releases pressure, and then the seal head rises and the product can be removed. It can be seen that in the process of the work of the furniture laminator, the main technical indicators involved include working pressure, boost time, pressure control accuracy, temperature control accuracy, temperature control range, and temperature rise time.

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