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Heating system and pressure system in furniture board laminating press
Mar 02, 2018

The main heating system in the furniture board laminating press consists of the measuring element, the controller and the heater. Their function is also to control the temperature of the water in the container and its temperature control, the heat will be conducted through the water pressure to the pressure on the capacitor bar to be evenly heated. Pakistan tablets heated softened, so that when used in the furniture sheet laminating machine, not only conducive to compression, but also to avoid pressure cracks.


Furniture board laminating press which is the heating element is wrapped in a closed container on the outer surface of the stainless steel electric hot plate, electric hot plate after heating, this time will be the heat conduction to the container of water to make it to achieve warming. In practice, in order to ensure that the water temperature can reach the process requirements, generally it will be heated before feeding, then it will be accompanied by a temperature measuring instrument to directly measure the water temperature.


furniture board laminating press in the work, the container itself is in a high-pressure closed state, the level of water temperature can only be measured by intelligent digital temperature controller to control. Furniture sheet laminating temperature measuring device can not directly measure the temperature of the liquid container, can only take indirect measurements, this time is actually required in the selection and installation of components should strive to reduce the measurement error and Control of the lag.


Speaking of furniture, furniture board laminating press among the pressure system, the pressure transmitter, pressure control instrumentation, booster pump, manual valve, pneumatic valve and other components. The main function of this system means that the pressure transmitter detects the size of the pressure in the sealed container, after which it will directly change the pressure value is called 4 ~ 20 mA standard signal sent to the pressure control instrumentation Signal input.


The pressure control instrument on the laminating machine of the furniture board also means the control core of the pressure system, which itself will receive the pressure signal from the pressure transmitter and control the output according to the received pressure signal. The pressure control instrument on the furniture laminating machine controls the output of the instrument to control a set of booster components. The system itself also pressurizes the interior of the airtight container with the booster components to ensure the accuracy of the quality.

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