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Honeycomb composite press loading and unloading and protection system
Mar 30, 2018

The main loading and unloading system of the honeycomb board multi-layer press is that it will be composed of a sealing head, a loading rack, an oil storage tank, a fuel tank, and a solenoid valve. The function of the loading and unloading system in the honeycomb board multi-layer press is mainly to convert the power of the gas-liquid device to lift and lower the sealing head of the bearing product. The lifting action of the sealing head is controlled by a manual reversing valve.


The loading and unloading system in the honeycomb composite press is smooth and vertical, which is beneficial to the sealing and sealing between the sealing head and the sealing container. Afterwards, when it comes to the protection system of a multi-layer press, the main ones will include protections such as lifting and lowering, heating, and pressure. A microswitch for the safety door is provided at the product loading place. Only after the safety door is closed, can the equipment start operating.


The protection system in the honeycomb composite press equipment is when the seal head is lowered to a proper position. When the limit switch is touched, four cylinders act simultaneously to lock the cylinder, and at the same time, four stroke switches are respectively actuated to increase the pressure. The pressure system starts to pressurize; overheating and undertemperature alarms are set on the heating protection; the water pressure gauge itself has a pressure limiting function, and the limit pointer on the dial can be adjusted to determine the range of limiting pressure.


If the protection system in the honeycomb composite press equipment works, if it cannot rise to the lower limit of the set value or the pressure exceeds the upper limit of the set value at any time, the alarm bell will alarm. If pressure is applied during the pressurization, the external power supply will be suddenly de-energized. All the electronic control valves of the machine will be turned to the power-off state, so that the cylinder will not operate according to the preset program, which will cause damage to the machine.


It is precisely for this reason that the honeycomb panel multi-press equipment will be provided with a power-off protection valve to ensure that the head does not rise during a sudden power outage. After processing to determine the safety finger, if it is necessary to raise the seal head, a manual valve is provided on the right side of the honeycomb panel multi-press machine. Turn it to raise the seal head. In normal operation, this valve is closed.

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