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How to maintain the longititude loading lamination press vacuum system?
Apr 20, 2018

In the routine maintenance of the longititude loading lamination press, one of the most important links is the maintenance of its vacuum system, because when the laminator is used for a period of time, the vacuum degree of the laminating machine will be reduced to a certain extent. In the degree, bubbles appear on the plate.


In order to produce similar surface defects, it is required to check daily whether the vacuum pump in the laden laminator is short of oil and whether its oil level reaches the window oil level line. If it is insufficient, it should be made up but not excessive. Secondly, after a period of use, the vacuum pump oil starts to become turbid or dark. This requires the oil pump to be replaced with oil, and at the same time the vacuum pump is cleaned to remove the colloidal foreign materials sucked into the vacuum pump.


Due to the high temperature during the operation of the longititude loading lamination press, the peroxides and antioxidants added in the EVA are affected by the high temperature, and the trace amount of the wax acid will escape as the temperature rises. Some peroxides participate in the cross-linking chemistry of EVA, forming new substances and escape into the air.


Under normal circumstances, the higher the working temperature of the length loading laminator, the more substances that escape into the air in the EVA, and the more complicated. Some of these complex substances are sucked into the vacuum pump, adsorbed on the components in the vacuum pump or dissolved in the vacuum pump oil, resulting in a reduction in the overall function of the vacuum pump.


The other part in the vacuum line, with the lowering of the temperature and the formation of colloidal particles, adsorbed on the vacuum pipeline, over time, the vacuum pipeline will become narrow or even blocked. The only way to do this is to replace the connected vacuum hose so that the vacuum of the length loaded laminator is restored.

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