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HPL plywood lamination press important parameters and routine maintenance
May 10, 2018

The HPL plywood lamination press is mainly used to press together several layers of materials in the process of operation. It is mainly applied to the solar cell assembly line in the process of use. Under normal circumstances, we will call it a solar cell module. The laminator, no matter which industry it is applied to, is to put a certain amount of pressure on the surface of the multi-layered substance and press them tightly together. The different things vary according to the purpose of lamination, and the conditions for lamination vary.

HPL plywood lamination press can effectively realize its key equipment transition from raw materials to solar panels to a certain extent. Under normal circumstances, we can see the material composition of solar panels before lamination. Such as its glass, EVA, connected single cells, backplanes and other components.

HPL plywood lamination press do not have any bubbles after they are pressed together. When they are used, their blended materials must be effectively blended into one, and when they are handled, they must have bond strength between materials that cannot be combined. It must have pressure, temperature, vacuum and time when used.

HPL plywood lamination press important parameters

1. Body Material: Aluminum alloy or stainless steel. It is not recommended to use ordinary steel.

2. Vacuum pumping rate.

3. Temperature control accuracy.

4. Temperature uniformity.

5. Lamination height.

6. Open the way.

7. The whole power.

HPL Plywood Laminator Usage and Routine Maintenance

1. To make the panel bubble meet the requirements in the table.

2. The battery board adhesive viscosity to achieve compliance.

3. The bond strength should reach the standard.

4. The fragmentation rate should be low.

5. The panel shape of the battery board, ie the external dimensions.

In the selection of HPL plywood laminating machine temperature uniformity, with or without pressure regulator function decision. In use, the panel shape of the panel is determined to some extent by the area of the heater panel. When selecting the laminator, the first factor to be considered when performing the operation is the laminator area. To choose an area with strong compatibility, consider the cover opening method, appearance, etc.

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