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HPL Press Maintenance
Mar 29, 2018

HPL press should pay attention to the normal use of glass cloth during maintenance. In fact, it means that when the fire board press is being sold, the manufacturer always has to place two non-stick cloths in the board press. As far as this is concerned, to a large extent, it is to remind manufacturers of the importance of non-stick fabrics in production.


The function of the non-stick cloth is to isolate the melted EVA on the rubber sheet of the upper chamber and the heating board of the HPL press. Once EVA sticks to rubber sheets and hot plates, it will be difficult to remove. When using it, pay attention to at least 4 non-stick cloths on a plate press. After each use, do not reuse it immediately. Instead, wait until it is completely cooled. Then remove the EVA from the non-stick cloth so that the non-stick fabric will always retain its original color.


If the EVA on the non-stick fabric cannot be completely removed, these EVAs will adhere to the glass of the battery module when they are used again. Any EVA cleaning at this time will leave EVA particles on the glass. When the panel is used outdoors, EVA particles will re-melt and stick to the glass. And adsorb dust on the glass. This dust cannot be removed. Sometimes dust will block the cell and it will create a long-term hot spot effect.


The maintenance of the HPL press also needs to consider the seal material that uses the frame properly. To install the frame, the battery board needs to use the sealant. Some units will seal the EVA bar in the concave groove of the frame. Afterwards, the hair dryer will be used to melt EVA. If you use EVA as a frame seal, you must pay attention to the fact that the battery plate with the frame attached must be placed in a curing oven for curing.


In the daily maintenance of the fire board press, an important maintenance link is the maintenance of the vacuum system. When the fire board press is used for a period of time, the degree of vacuum in the board press will be reduced. However, when it is reduced to a certain degree, air bubbles will appear on the panel. Therefore, it is required to check daily whether the vacuum pump is short of oil.

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